A brief Manifesto interlude to say…WTF.

Would a good Mayor spend £6m on a PR stunt?

Like many of you this week, I have been discussing how hard it is to know what Overground line I am on because, well, they are all orange. It’s too hard to navigate, just like the Northern Line – with its many branches that are all black and the Metropolitan Line with its fast/slow/no idea if it will stop option is purple.

Actually, it’s been the most pressing issue in London for some time. Which is why, when the current Mayor announced he would rename the lines I was beyond thrilled.


All I have is WTF? Who said this was a good idea? It’s not even good PR.

For the full update on this nonsense check out: https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/london-overground-line-names-suffragette-mildmay-b2496685.html

As your next Mayor of London, I promise to spend any surplus on making sure these lines run on time, with the parts they need ordered and fixed so tube lines aren’t overcrowded.

Oh, and to honour the Lionesses I’ll fund more football pitches and clubs for girls. And for the fashion and textiles industry, support sector businesses to start and grow. For Windrush, challenge the Home Office on their woeful lack of compensation payouts. Actual useful action.

I don’t like being negative but this was a Jackass move.


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