Another Manifesto Interlude.

Why? An inside look at what the current Mayor is asking Labour supporters for.

I am trying my best to stay in the positivity, no-shade lane…but…this was sent to me this morning by a disgruntled supporter of the current Mayor.

Their key points:

  • There is a cost of living crisis.
  • The current Mayor spends loads of London taxpayer money on promoting himself – it’s therefore offensive to ask for more/pretend he doesn’t have a monopoly on communications.
  • He can surely afford to fund the extra £300,000 through his book advance (I can’t comment on that) or through the unions that currently fund him.

What did he email to all London Labour supporters?

Why did they send it to me?

Well, they are angry.

They read that I am self-funding, using my savings and my salary (good thing I like beans on toast). They said it shows character not seen in a politician for a long time.

It felt good hearing this message as it means what I am doing is working. What we are doing is working. Money only matters when you don’t have people behind you.

People vote, not money.

1.5 million of you will show the naysayers that you’re standing up and you’ve had enough of their failings.

I didn’t plan to say anything today but I thought I’d share this with you. To show a) there is another way b) I put my own money where my manifesto is (wink emoji) and c) the current Mayor doesn’t live in the real world anymore – disappointing but true.

As a sidenote, someone will say “but he didn’t send it, it was his team”. His name is on the email header so the accountability and ownership starts there. The buck passing needs to stop.


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