Are we a joke?

The Mayor and the London Assembly are having a laugh at our expense.

Natalie attended the first Mayor’s Question Time of 2024, she didn’t expect it to be good but she didn’t expect it to be as bad as it was.

So what happened? The current Mayor sent the budget for London in the middle of the night – understandably – Assembly Members couldn’t review fully by 10am.

He was asked if the TfL savings shown in the budget would be passed to Londoners by holding fares this year – he refused to answer. Then BOOM, this morning he promotes himself giving Londoners a big fares freeze. Joke 1. Shows zero respect for the scrutiny body we pay for.

Joke 2 was the Conservative mayoral candidate (the unsafe one) using her first question to ask the Mayor about his diary. Not crime, not housing, not transport improvement…his diary. Like a child, she giggled.

Joke 3 was a comment that we need to crack down on fare evaders, while Assembly Members get free travelcards. Nice perk on the taxpayer. And so on…they ‘punched and judied’ their way through it. On our dime.

They literally laughed out loud during their silly political battles. While Londoners pick up the tab. We need Natalie to bring respect and professionalism back to City Hall. As a start, Natalie has pledged to scrap free travelcards for Assembly Members, they can pay to get to work like the rest of us.


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