Good Homes and Happy Neighbourhoods

Dear London,

My name is Natalie Campbell and I am inviting you, to vote for me, to be your next Mayor of London.

This is my manifesto for change.

London can live up to its promise of being the greatest city in the world – one that people want to call home – but it needs to be affordable if we’re going to even come close to being ‘good’ let alone ‘great’. I was priced out of living close to family and friends in the neighbourhood that raised me, Willesden Green. This is a problem that can be solved.

In this week’s videocast, I outline my vision for Good Homes which includes – four tiers of housing – student homes, rental homes, first homes and family homes.

Affordable Homes

My plan to build more affordable rental homes under a criterion of no more than 40% of salaries – benchmarked against average salaries in London – has been tried and tested as a way of ending youth homelessness. A goal I aim to achieve in my first four years (more on this soon). Doing something that makes sense changes things for so many people, it will require more mayoral Development Corporations and a better financial settlement from the Government.

Because I’m not political, therefore free to not ‘politick’ I will work with any government, of any colour, to get greenbelt land that is neither green nor biodiverse reclassified and added to The London Plan.

Drive market transparency

Greater transparency over pricing per sq ft for rental homes and more options means private landlords and estate agents have to shift their ways of working in line with the market. I will also take a person-centred approach to developing land, it’s not just about more homes. It’s about the right homes in the right places. It’s absolutely about creating Neighbourhoods that work for everyone!

Take accountability

As your Mayor, I will step up to take full accountability for rebuilding happy neighbourhoods in London. This is what we need. The time for change is now. A vote for me is a vote to rebuild a Greater London.


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