The time is now…

92 days ago, Natalie Campbell launched her campaign to be your next Mayor of London. Like all of us, she could see that we were slowly sleepwalking into another election crisis where we believe we have to choose between lesser evils. But we do not. It does not need to be this way. It takes guts to step up but these jokers need to know their time is up.

Natalie Campbell provides a zero-B.S. alternative to more of the same.

Ordinary people…like us…like Natalie…are the only solution to ending this cycle of self-interested, career politicians that serve themselves not society. They do not serve us, and they definitely do not serve the people we all care about.

Natalie Campbell is different, she is a self-made social entrepreneur that has worked at the heart of communities for over 20 years – always in service of others.

Ordinary people…good people…hardworking people…we are all angry. There is a flagrant lack of leadership across London on all the issues that matter. And they all matter. From the diabolical farce that is Hammersmith Bridge to the alarming number of people being forced to sleep rough. We need a new Mayor that cuts through ego and politics to get things done.


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